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Girl Playing with Sand

Qualified Play Therapist for Your Needs

Unleashing the Power of Play: Sand and Play Therapy To Help Children Heal and Grow Through Imagination

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Our skilled play therapists empower children to articulate their thoughts and emotions through play, providing a natural and comfortable means of self-expression that promotes healing and personal development.

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Through individual play therapy sessions, our experienced therapists will guide your child in expressing their thoughts and feelings in a safe, nurturing environment. This child-centered approach enables your child to process difficult experiences, develop coping skills, and build emotional resilience.


Unlike traditional talk therapy, play therapy harnesses the natural language of children - play. Through carefully selected toys, games, and creative activities, children can communicate their inner world, work through challenges, and develop new ways of relating to others and their environment.


At Potentialz Unlimited, our Play Therapists in Bella Vista, NSW, are committed to helping your child:

  1. Express emotions in healthy ways

  2. Develop problem-solving skills

  3. Improve self-esteem and confidence

  4. Enhance social skills and relationships

  5. Process traumatic or difficult experiences


Our play therapy sessions can benefit children dealing with a wide range of issues, including anxiety, depression, ADHD, autism spectrum disorders, trauma, and family changes.


Contact us today to learn more about how play therapy can support your child's emotional well-being and development. Let's work together to help your child thrive through the power of play.

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