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Improve Your Working Memory With Cogmed


Working memory is the capacity of the brain to store and manipulate information for a short period of time. We regularly use working memory in daily learning tasks as well as listening, interpreting, and following commands. Research shows that improving working memory can lead to enhanced learning capabilities, faster execution of tasks, and better concentration.

putting effort to improve working memory

Cogmed is a research-validated program designed to improve working memory. It is administered by approved practitioners, known as Cogmed "Qualified Coaches," who monitor progress and provide support throughout the training. By the end of this article, you should have a thorough understanding of working memory, its link to ADHD, and how Cogmed can help improve it. 

What is Working Memory?

The term "working memory" refers to the ability to store and manipulate information for short periods. This is essential for completing various tasks requiring attention and focus, such as planning a course of action, reading a text, and understanding directions.

The Link Between Working Memory and ADHD

Children with ADHD often have low working memory capacity and show poor academic performance. Improving working memory capacity has several benefits for children with attention problems, including improved attention span and school performance. Besides low working memory capacity, children with ADHD tend to experience plateaus in their working memory development, whereas neurotypical children improve theirs throughout adolescence. This gap in working memory between children with ADHD and neurotypicals increases over time. Most people, including adults with attention deficits, also suffer from working memory issues.

How Cogmed Improves Working Memory

Cogmed is a program that improves working memory through a series of exercises. The program includes eight exercises targeting different aspects of working memory, which can be completed anywhere with internet access. Developed and proven by neuroscience experts, Cogmed training programs benefit children and adults with ADHD and other learning disabilities. These programs use high-level algorithms that measure performance and automatically adjust the challenge level based on success or failure. This method is scientifically proven and has been validated in numerous studies.

The scientific basis of Cogmed is supported by extensive research and rigorous implementation through a network of carefully trained professionals. This ensures that clinical study settings are replicated in real-life settings. Thousands of people worldwide have used this program, reporting significant improvements in brain function and quality of life. Cogmed runs via a web app using adaptive technology, allowing users to train on their own schedule and is easy to use across various devices.

Despite its benefits, Cogmed may not be suitable for everyone. People with serious mental conditions like psychosis, schizophrenia, and epilepsy should consult a medical doctor before participating in the program. Cogmed training does not interfere with other therapies, and most participants are already on ADHD medication. However, it is important to note that Cogmed is not a substitute for medication but works well in conjunction with it.

Research Validation of Cogmed

Research validation is crucial for any cognitive enhancement program, and Cogmed is no exception. Its computerized training program is based on rigorous, evidence-based research. The program has been proven effective in improving working memory in students of all ages and skill levels. Participants report increased concentration, stamina, and memory after completing the program, with 80% of participants seeing results.

Who Can Benefit from Cogmed

To improve your working memory, you need motivation and openness to structured daily training. Cogmed uses computer-based exercises targeting various aspects of working memory. The program generally lasts five weeks, and you can adjust the schedule to fit your life. Independent research teams have proven that Cogmed significantly improves working memory and attention in individuals. The program is supported by extensive research and has been presented at prestigious neuropsychology conferences worldwide.

In addition to its scientific backing, Cogmed includes close professional support through Certified Cogmed Coaches. Unlike many other brain training apps, Cogmed utilizes the concept of neuroplasticity to change brain function. The programs use computer games and neuroscientific research to help individuals improve their working memory. The training sessions are self-paced, and you can complete them on various devices.

How our Psychologists Can Help?

The benefits of Cogmed training are proven, with 80% of participants showing measurable improvement in their working memory. Students and parents report better school performance, improved social skills, and increased initiative. Research has shown significant improvements in people with ADHD, post-traumatic stress disorder, and brain injury.

Using the Cogmed working memory training system, our psychologists can help individuals improve their cognitive functions. As approved Cogmed Certified Coaches, they will conduct a baseline assessment before starting the program. Weekly coach calls ensure you are on track and progressing. At the end of the program, your working memory will be reassessed to measure your progress.

The program incorporates cognitive neuroscience research with innovative computer games to train working memory. The exercises are engaging and challenging, rewarding sustained effort and adherence to guidelines. The program is available in English and Spanish and is compatible with Mac, PC, and tablet computers. It is easy to follow, convenient, and offers professional support.


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